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What is the contest?

It is a contest open to the first 50 U of A journalism students over the age of 18.

To enter you must interview 2 subjects (one from the list below and one of your choosing) and write a 500-1000 word supporting article that further dives into one of the interviews(whichever one interests you more).

Article examples could include more detailed accounts of what it takes to get into a particular line of work, what their work schedule is like, or whatever.  Use your imagination here and think of something that people would want to know more about.

Why compete?

There is prize money paid out to the top 3 participants. For all participants that do not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and complete the requirements there will be 3 drawings for additional prizes. The contest will be limited to the first 50 students to enter.

Furthermore, if you complete the contest and abide by all the rules your articles and interviews will be published with your credits attached.

You’ll get to interview 2 professionals, hear about what they do for a living, and hone your interview skills. Have fun with it! Almost everyone you approach will be flattered to talk about their careers with you and will enjoy answering the questions too.

Lastly, the contest is being judged by Carrie Coppernoll. Carrie’s a former University of Arkansas Journalism graduate and currently works as the always effervescent and entertaining columnist at The Oklahoman.

In all, you get a chance at published work, a chance at prize money, the opportunity to interview professionals from a wide variety of fields, and a contest that’s being judged by a successful columnist and U of A alum.

General Contest rules:

All participants must pick 2 people to interview; one of the available professions to interview from the list below and one of your choosing. You must then find a professional who has that career and interview them by asking them the questions listed below. The only stipulation about who you interview is that it must be their full time job and they must answer all the questions.

All interviews must be recorded electronically.

This is to ensure their authenticity as we will require a copy of the recording. All interviews must be transcribed as well, an electronic recording is a must for accuracy.

Interviews can be conducted with the subject via the phone or in person. If done over the phone a simple way to record the conversation is to use Skype and your computer. Iphones, Ipod touches, and other recording devices work well in person.

The interviews do NOT have to have the person’s name associated with them. We do need their email address so we can send them a link to their interview.

The interviews can be done anonymously and this will probably be the easiest and most effective. Some people are uncomfortable talking openly about income information associated with it. Doing the interview anonymously will alleviate that concern.

Contest rules:

Pick one interview subject from the list below of a profession that you will interview. First come first serve. They will be marked off the list as they are taken.

Find a professional in that field and interview them. It could be in your hometown or anywhere.

Ask each person the 17 required questions and record their answers electronically. Try to use your interviewing skills to extract as much quality information as possible(using long pauses after their answers will often result in them providing more information for example).

Transcribe and edit the interviews taking out the ‘ah’s, uh’s, you know’s, filler words and any other words or phrases that don’t make sense or add to the interview.

Repeat this process with a subject of your choosing. The only stipulation is they must do what they do full time. Have fun with it. Use it as an opportunity to interview anyone you want; author, ESPN Cameraman, professional wrestler, whatever.

Note: Again the interviews can by done anonymously or with the subjects name associated with it. Often times I have found that people are not comfortable answering questions about their income publicly. Some are fine with it. You will be judged solely on the completion of the interviews and the supporting articles. So keep that in mind if a particular subject isn’t comfortable answering questions with their name associated with it then simply do the interview anonymously.

Contest date’s and deadlines- The contest will open to the first 50 students to submit the form below. It will end on November 19th at 6:00 p.m at which time all materials should have been submitted.

Audio files, transcripts, and articles should be submitted by clicking on the following link

For questions send emails to

Interview Questions:

The following questions must be answered by your subjects to compete in the contest.

1. What do you do for a living?
2. How would you describe what you do?
3. What does your work entail ?
4. How did you get started?
5. What do you like about what you do?
6. What do you dislike?
7. How do you make money/or how are you compensated?
8. How much money do you make?
9. How much money do you make starting out?
10. What education or skills are needed to do what you do?
11. What is most challenging about what you do?
12. What is most rewarding?
13. What advice would you offer someone considering this career?
14. How much time off do you get/take?
15. What is a common misconception people have about what you do?
16. What are your goals/dreams for the future?
17. What else would you like people to know about what you do?


First Place- $500
Second Place- $250
Third Place- $150


Ipod Nano 5th Generation($100+ value)

2 separate drawings for $25 Papa John’s gift cards


Judges criteria will be based on the following areas.

1. How well you got your interview subjects to answer the questions. i.e. did you get all the information needed for a complete interview. Did you get them to elaborate when needed?

2. How well you edit the interviews. We’re all the filler words taken out that don’t add to the interview, etc.

3. The subject and relevancy of the supporting article you write.

4. How well the supporting articles read and are edited.

To see an example of an interview I did for reference click here.

U of A/ Journalism Contest

  • Pick one from the list below that hasn't been taken.
  • Pick any job or career you can think of for the 2nd interview. Astronaut, ant farmer, whatever. Have fun with it.

List of choices(pick one of the available from this list and one of your own and submit on the form above)

Pick one from here:                                                           Name your own list(already taken):

1. Registered Nurse. .                                                       1. Free Range Chicken Farmer
2. Pharmacist                                                                    2.  Barber
3. Engineer                                                                        3.  Newspaper Editor
4. Public Defender                                                             4.  Bank Vice President
5. High School Teacher. .                                                  5.  Media Planner
6. Elementary School Teacher                                           6.  Hip-Hop Designer
7. Pre-School Teacher                                                        7.  Recording Artist
8. Nurse Practitioner                                                           8.  Postal Worker
9. Nurse Anesthetist                                                           9. Talk Show Host
10. Psychiatrist
11. OB-GYN
12. Accountant
13. Historian
14. Software Engineer
15. Actuary
16. Truck Driver
17. College Sports Coach(Baseball, Football, Basketball)
18. Optometrist
19. Opthamologist
20. Mechanic
21. Neurobiologist
22. Dentist
23. Masseuse
24. Physicians assistant
25. Dental Hygienist
26. Salesperson(you pick what type)
27. Electrician
28. Plumber
29. Hair Dresser
30. Newspaper Editor
31. Nursing Home Administrator
32. Preacher
33. Loan Officer
34. Computer Programmer
35. Computer Systems Analyst
36. Wedding Planner
37. Credit Counselor
38. Events Coordinator
39. Judge
40. Flight Attendant
41. Interpreter
42. Cosmetologist
43. Corrections officer
44. Hotel Manager
45. Orthopedic Surgeon
46. Plastic Surgeon
47. Travel Agent
48. Business owner(any type)
49. Welder
50. Allergist
51. Anesthesiologist
52. Food Scientist
53. Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor
54. Dermatologist
55. Veterinary Technician
56. Youth Counselor
57. Fashion Coach
58. DUI Lawyer
59. Paralegal
60. Model
61. Choreographer
62. Claims adjuster
63. Audiologist
64. Ambulance Dispatcher
65. Industrial Engineer
66. Mechanical Engineer
67. Any CEO
68. Any CFO
69. Any COO
70. Trash Collector
71. Apple Store “Genius” Technician
72. Funeral Director
73. Bank Teller
75. Car Salesman
76. School Nurse
77. Real Estate Broker
78. Nephrologist
79. Urologist
80. Greenskeeper(Golf Course)

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